Photos from the Captain John Metcalfe Collection
Mojave Desert Training Center, 1942
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Cross Country Train Trip from Mojave Desert Training Area to Camp Pickett, Virginia, 1942 Photos
3rd Armored Division soldiers with M-1 rifle.  Camp Pickett, Virginia, 1942
Camp Pickett, Virginia, 1942 Photos
M8, 75mm Howitzer Motor Carriage.  Camp Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania
Camp Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania Photos
Unidentified 3rd Armored Division Captain.
Captured German Panzer IV on display in England.
Sutton Veny, England Photos
German Tiger I tank out of action in Elsdorf, Germany.  Another view of this tank can be found in the Rhineland Photos section labelled as Photo RL30.  Click HERE for more information about the Pershing that was knocked out by this Tiger.
Rhineland Photos
Three Day Pass in Paris
Ardennes (Battle of the Bulge)
Photos of Various Officers of the 3rd Armored Division
NOTE:  All photos on this page were taken by John Metcalfe, and have been retrieved from the collection of First Sergeant Walter Petrovich.  Photos were furnished by 1st. Sgt. Petrovich's son, Ron Petrovich, and are used with his permission.

Any fiurther information regarding these photos would be greatly appreciated, as would contact with John Metcalfe and/or his family.  Please contact the webmaster at: if you have any further information.