Photos of Various Officers of the 3rd Armored Division
Lieutenant Colonel Carlton P. Russell, 36th Armored Infantry Regiment Executive Officer.  Location unknown.
Lt. Col. Russell seated in the passenger seat of a jeep. The other soldiers and the location are unidentified.
Lt. Col. Carlton P. Russell, Regimental Executive Officer of the 36th Armored Infantry Regiment (standing, left center).  The other soldiers and the location are unidentified.
Enlargement of the previous photo clearly showing a civilian map of the town of Stolberg on the wall.  Stolberg was the site of some of the the fiercest fighting experienced by the 36th Armored Infantry Regiment.
NOTE:  All photos on this page were taken by John Metcalfe, and have been retrieved from the collection of First Sergeant Walter Petrovich.  Photos were furnished by 1st. Sgt. Petrovich's son, Ron Petrovich, and are used with his permission.

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