Mojave Desert Training
June - October 1942
In the late spring of 1942, the first elements of the 3rd Armored Division arrived at the Mojave Desert Training Ceneter, with the rest of the division arriving around the end of July.  The division participated in various training exercises, concluding with a two-week maneuver in late September and early October.

The photos on this page show members of the 36th Armored Infantry Regiment during their desert training in September and October of 1942, and were taken by Captain John Metcalfe.  The photos are furnished by Ron Petrovich, son of 3rd Battalion HQ Company First Sergeant Walter Petrovich.
Tent City
M-3 Halftrack
Halftrack towing a 37-mm anti-tank gun.
36th Armored Infantry soldiers performing maintenance on a halftrack.
M-3 Halftrack.
Halftracks in convoy.
Rear view of a halftrack.
Soldier in halftrack with M1917A1 water-cooled .30 caliber machine gun.
M-3 "Stuart" light tanks.  Probably belonging to a recon unit.
M-3 Halftrack.
37-mm anti-tank gun and crew.
M1917A1 water-cooled .30 caliber machine gun on it's ground-mount tripod, with crew.
Coffee break in the desert.
Caught napping.
Time for water and a bite to eat.
Unidentified soldiers.
A friendly game.
A unit formation in the desert.
A low pass from a Seversky P-35.
Tent city with a view!
Taking a break in the shade.