Shirt, Wool, Flannel, OD
Belt, Web, Trousers, OD,  with Buckle, Open face, Black, M-1937
Trousers, Wool, Serge, OD, M-1937 ("Mustard" or "Special Shade")
Jacket, Field, M-1941 - Reproduction
Jacket, Combat, Winter ("Tanker" jacket) -Repro
Jacket, Field, M-1943 - Original
Coat, Mackinaw, OD (3rd Pattern) - Original
Overcoat, Wool, Melton, OD, Roll Collar, 32 oz.  This is the so-called "horse blanket" overcoat.  This particular example has plastic buttons instead of brass which is typical of later production.
M1941 HBT (Herringbone Twill) Jacket  (Original).  Note the two-button waist band on the jacket giving it an appearance similar to an "Ike" jacket.  The trousers that were worn with this jacket have regular pockets, including a watch pocket, and lack the large cargo pockets of the later models. The cut and style is essentially identical to the M-1937 wool trousers shown above, except the HBT trousers have the metal 13-star buttons.
Jacket, Field M-1941 - Original
Jacket, Combat, Winter - Original
Trousers, Combat, Winter - Original
Jacket, HBT M-1942 -Original
Trousers, HBT, M-1942 (Plastic button variant) - Original
Suit, One-Piece, Herringbone Twill, OD  ("Coveralls") - Original
Drawers, Wool, 50-PC Cotton, 50-PC Wool, OD ("OD Longjohns") - Original
Gloves, Wool, OD, Leather Palm - Original
Coat, Mackinaw, OD (1st Pattern) - Original