Boots, Combat, M-1943 - Original.   These were not generally available until the late fall/early winter of 1944.  These are commonly referred to as "double-buckle boots" or "buckle boots."
Leggings, Canvas, M-1938, Dismounted, OD - Original.

The color variations on the leggings run from greenish-khaki,  through light brown, khaki, and almost yellow.  They come in several sizes, 1R, 2R, 3R and 4R with 4R being the largest.  Also found, but rare, in 1L, 2L, and 3L, the "L" standing for Long.
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Shoes, Service, Reverse Upper, Composition Sole ("Roughouts") - Reproduction.  Note:  These shoes have been treated with original WWII "Dubbing" which darkens their color. 
Overshoes, Arctic - Original
Boots, Jumper, Parachute - Reproduction.  These boots are NOT allowed in this unit.
Socks, Wool, Cushion Sole.  Unused originals on the left, well used modern version on the right.