Eupen, Belgium - 60 Years Later
With the help of several Belgian friends, Jim Cullen was able to obtain photos of the same place where he took the photo of Stan Rich after Stan was wounded.  This is Eupen, Belgium as it appears today.
The spot where S/Sgt Stan Rich lay wounded while S/Sgt Jim Cullen took his photograph is at the bottom of the steps of the building in the foreground.  Notice the same leaning stone at the corner of the building.
The alley to left where the red car is parked is where the Germans were setting up an anti-tank gun to ambush the approaching Americans.  S/Sgt Rich was wounded as he led his squad up the alley to clear it.  He was moved around the corner to the front of the reddish building in the center of this photo where his photo was taken by S/Sgt Cullen.
S/Sgt Stan Rich, wounded in both legs, lies in front of a shop in Eupen, Belgium.  Notice the stone leaning against the wall at the left of the photo.  Platoon Sergeant Jim Cofer stands at left holding a Thompson submachine gun.  Photo taken by S/Sgt Jim Cullen.