Field Gear
Cartridge Belts, Pistol Belts, & Ammunition Pouches
Belt, Cartridge, Caliber .30, Dismounted, M-1923.  This is the standard ammo belt for the M-1 Garand.  The bottom belt is in the late war dark green, and in fact, might be a post-war belt.  Khaki shade is the recommended color for this unit.
Belt, Magazine for B.A.R., M-1937.  This is the standard ammo belt for the BAR.  It should be similar to the color shown here, not the darker green.
Belt, Magazine for B.A.R., M-1918.  Note the integral M1911 pistol magazine pouches and the metal "butt cup."  This belt is NOT authorized for use in this unit.
Belt, Pistol or Revolver, M-1936.  Top photo is the early to mid-war khaki.  Bottom photo is the dark green color used only in late war and very late war.  NOTE:  The bottom belt pictured may be post-war but is virtually identical to the late war belts.
Bandoleer, Ammunition, caliber .30, M-1.  Each member armed with an M-1 should have at least two bandoleers.
Pocket, Magazine, Double, Web, M-1923 (left) and
Pocket, Magazine, Double, Web, M-1918 (right)

Top photo shown closed, bottom photo shown opened.

Either is acceptable for use in this unit, but the M-1923 is preferred.
Pocket, Magazine, Double, Web, for Carbine, Caliber .30 M-1 (Top left, top right, bottom left) and Pocket, Cartridge, Caliber .30, M-1, Carbine or Rifle. (Bottom Right).  Shown with two 15-round carbine magazines.  Note the color variations.  The pouch shown at top left is dated 1942, while the pouch shown at bottom left is dated 1943.  The bottom right pouch is the Pocket, Cartridge, Caliber .30, M-1 Carbine or Rifle, and has a different method of attaching to the belt than the other three, and will not fit on the buttstock of the carbine.  It was designed to hold two 15-round carbine magazines OR two M-1 Garand 8-round clips.
Magazine Pouch for the Thompson Submachinegun 20-round magazines.