Original Photos
3rd Armored Division Maintenance Battalion
Pfc. Eddie Roubic, 3rd Armored Division Maintenance Battalion.  Photos provided by his great-nephew Robert Sutton.
3rd Armored Division Maintenance personnel trying to stay warm somewhere in Europe.
3AD Maintenance - somewhere in Germany.  This banner is signed by many members of the 3AD Maintenance Battalion, and is part of the 3rd Armored Division archives  at the University of Illinois.
German anti-tank gun.
Pfc. Roubic sitting in the cockpit of a German Messerschmidt Bf-109 fighter.  The caption on the back reads:  "This picture was taken near Paderborn after the Ruhr Pocket was closed."  Germany, 1945
Pfc. Roubic on the right with friend somewhere in England or Europe.
3AD Maintenance personnel in training - possibly Camp Polk, Louisiana.
3AD Maintenance personnel in training  - at work and at play.
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