U.S. Army Signal Corps Photographs
The photographs below are copies of official U.S. Army Signal Corps photographs of the 3rd Armored Division in World War II.  These photos were retrieved from the National Archives by WWII veteran Jim Cullen.
"Signal Corps 198527  1/2/45.  A field kitchen preares to dish out warm food to chilled soldiers of the 36th Armored Infantry Regiment, 3rd Armored Division.  Somewhere in Belgium.  1/2/45 Forges, Belgium."
"Signal Corps 294669 8 Sept 1944.  Tanks of 3rd Armored Division entering Liege, Belgium with 36th Infantry on board.  Young girl throws flowers to tankers."  (NOTE:  This is actually Chenee, Belgium)

Note the chalk markings on the side of the tank -- Belgian citizens would often write their names, or the name of their town in chalk on the side of the vehicles as they passed through.  Also notice that the censor has blacked out the shoulder sleeve insignia of the soldier on foot at the right of the photo.
"Signal Corps 234524 .  The Engineer built pontoon bridge provides a crossing for the half-tracks of the Armored Infantry, which are crossing the Seine River directly behind the tanks of the 3rd Armored Division.  France 26 Aug. 1944." 

This photo shows half-tracks of 2nd Platoon,  E Company, 36th Armored Infantry Regiment .  Although hard to see in this scan of the photo, the lead half-track bears the bumper number E-21 signifying E Company, 2nd Platoon, 1st Squad.  Some of the half-tracks in the background do not appear to have the ammunition racks and .50 caliber machine gun in the "pulpit" mount as seen on the first two halftracks.  The black marks on the photo were there when it was retrieved from the National Archives.  They could be editor's marks - calling for that portion of the photo to be cropped prior to publication, or they could be censor's marks indicating the background should be blacked out prior to publication.
"Signal Corps 364278  30 Nov 1944.  Infantrymen of 3rd Armored Division fire weapons in abandoned quarry before going up to the front.  36th Infantry near Zweifall, Germany."
Note the variety of uniforms and equipment - "uniform of the day" according to veterans!
"Signal Corps  201859-S.  Infantrymen of the 3rd Armored Division approach the Cologne Cathedral which is four blocks away."
"13 January 1945.  A tank destroyer of the 703rd Tank Destroyer Battalion, 3rd Armored Division, moves past disabled German tank to engage the enemy 1/2 mile ahead, south of Langlir, Belgium."  US Army signal Corps photo #412456.  Photo furnished by Henri Rogister.
"Tanks of the 3rd Armored Division fire at German positions on the other side of the hill near Trou-De-Bra, Belgium, to pave the way for an attack in that sector.  2nd Bn, 32nd Regt, 3rd Armd Div., FUSA."   US Army Signal Corp photo #455772 provided by Henri Rogister.
"3rd Armored Division tank just hit minefield near Manhay - sappers going forward to clean it out." US Army Signal Corps photo #456531 furnished by Henri Rogister.
"20 January 1945.  Self-propelled German PP knocked out in heavy fighting with Yank 3rd Armored Division near town of Cherain, Belgium."  US Army Signal Corps photo furnished by Henri Rogister.