Dog Tags  (Under Construction)
Dogtags are considered to be part of the uniform, and should be worn anytime you are in uniform.

As with many other items of issue, the dogtags changed during WWII.

For a good explanation of dogtags and their markings during WWII, use this link:  WWII Dogtags or if the link doesn't work, try:

Here is a link to one vendor of WWII style dogtags:

Here is a link to a vendor that sells the early-style dogtag chains:

NOTE: The dogtags sold at surplus stores, gunshows, flea markets, etc. are seldom the correct style for WWII.  If you buy that kind of dogtag, you may be wasting your money.  Look at the websites linked from this page, and educate yourself.  It will be cheaper for you in the long run.

Photos will be posted at a later date.